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coco zhao



Coco Zhao is one of the most sought after singers in China. Once a student of Composition at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Coco has since been immersed in the study of Chinese traditional music, western classical music and jazz.  His music is a stunning blend of Chinese and western elements.  In 1997, Coco had the great honor of performing with the late, great jazz vocalist Betty Carter at her performance at the International Jazz Festival in Shanghai. He has been invited to perform at jazz festivals in Germany, France, Holland, Spain, England, Switzerland, Thailand, Malasia, Singapore and Hong Kong.  Most recently, his band “Possicobilities” was featured at the prestigious Montreal Jazz Festival in 2006, where it received much acclaim from the world media and jazzists.  In 1997 he was invited by Parisian Radio station Europe One to appear in a jazz music program entitled "La Boite de Jazz". There, the local media dubbed him “The Boy Billy Holiday from China”. 
1998 Debut album ”Heart String”
2004 All That Shanghai Jazz (various Artist)
2006 Album “Dream Situation”
2006 Third album was recorded and arranged by Le Spin Ovale and Coco, and will be released in the spring of 2007
In 1999, Coco was selected to perform for American president Bill Clinton and his family during their visit to Shanghai.
In November 1999, he was invited to Beijing to perform for the Chancellor of Germany.
In November 1999, Coco was the only representative of Shanghai to perform in the Shanghai International Jazz Festival in coordination with David Sanchez.
In Feb 2005, Coco was invited to appear as the lead performer for “All That Shanghai Jazz” to perform in Hong Kong and Singapore’s International Art Festival. He gained a full house with an audience of 1700 people in the grand theatre of Hong Kong’s culture exchange center, and the Esplanade Theatre Singapore.
In May 2006, Coco was invited to appear as the lead vocal to perform for “All That Shanghai Jazz” at the Miri International Jazz Festival in Malaysia.
In July 2006, Coco and his band “Possicobilities” were invited to appear as the first Chinese group to perform at the Montreal International Jazz Festival in Canada. They played before an audience of more than 10,000 at the outdoor stage. Their performance was extremely well received, especially by the local Chinese community which came out in stronger numbers than ever before to the Jazz Festival.

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